I am excited to introduce my new health resource page for Tai Chi and Qigong students on the Sifu Peter Blog. This resource covers four essential areas of holistic health: sleep hygiene, stress management, nutrition, and exercise. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you can create a foundation for optimal well-being, and lead a balanced, fulfilling life.

In the new resource page, we will explore each of these areas in more detail and explain how they can support your overall health and wellness; from optimizing your sleep environment, to managing stress with mindfulness techniques and creating healthy nutrition choices, my resource page offers valuable information and resources to get you started to achieving your health goals.

In regard to nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine (T.C.M) has a system based around the five elements and the seasons. The nutrition advice given here will be based on western science and understanding. The T.C.M approach to diet will be a future blog post.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner of Tai Chi and Qigong or simply looking to improve your overall health, I invite you to explore my new health resource page and incorporate these holistic health practices into your daily routine. By taking a comprehensive approach to your health, you can experience the many benefits of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We have an aging population in Australia, and it is vital to age well. My aim is to have my health span be as long as my age span. By making small changes over time you to can have a long health span.

Please check out this resource by clicking the link ‘Health Resources’ on the navigation bar, or click below

This page will evolve and update over time with the latest information on how to build robust health, well-being and longevity.

Yours in Qigong and Taijiquan

Sifu Peter

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