Tossing the Ball: Lifting the hand – Movement 7

The Movement

Movement 7 in the ShiBaShi is a relatively straight forward movement. “Toss the Ball” is very descriptive of this movement.

The feet are already at shoulder width from the last movement, and the knees remain bent. We commence this movement by shifting the weight to the left leg. At the same time we lift the right arm to extend across the body to the left. The waist is turned to the left to facilitate this movement. While doing this we are also straightening the knees to rise up. At the same time the heel of the right foot is lifted off the ground such that the big toe remains in contact with the ground. The action is as if we are literally tossing a ball across the front of our body to the left corner.

When the right arm is extended the palm of the hand will be facing up, at shoulder height. The elbow is just off lock. To complete the move the palm is turned to face the ground, the arm is withdrawn to the side of the body to the initial start position. As this occurs the waist is turned back to the front. The heel of the right foot returned to the ground, and the knees bent to the start position. The same is now repeated on the other side of the body; lifting the left hand across to the body and lifting the left heel.

An IN breath occurs as the arm is extended, and the OUT breath on its return to the side of the body.

Returning the hand to the start position

Benefits of the movement

When tossing the ball and lifting the heel of the foot, pressure is applied to the big toe. This action stimulates the Spleen meridian in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The spleen meridian commences on the big toe of each foot. The turning action of the waist also stimulates this meridian higher up its channel. This stimulation tonifies the Spleen meridian.

Tonifying the Spleen channel helps to hold your organs and other soft tissue structures in place. It has a lifting and holding function. This helps prevent prolapses of the internal organs and varicose veins.

By focusing on the upward movement of the hand you will induce awareness and calmness of the mind. The lifting action of tossing the ball and the effect on the Spleen can make you feel more uplifted in spirit. The Spleen’s lifting and holding function has the psychological effect of making you feel supported and more uplifted in spirit.

This movement is beneficial for insomnia and helps balance blood pressure. It is said improve conditions related to the Kidney.

I trust the above has been helpful. Please feel free to leave comments, or ask questions below.

Yours in Qigong and Taijiquan

Sifu Peter

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  1. Thank you for your insight with this set. Always great to learn something new and it helps enrich one’s own experience and appreciation.

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